Innovation or technical rules – Which is more important? - Studio Image Works

In today’s digital age powerful software allows us to create professional video productions. This software has facilitated creativity and innovation. With the help of social media networks such as YouTube it is now possible for anyone to become a director, producer and a broadcaster. In ma...
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Why testimonial videos are important for the company?

  • Global internet traffic from the video will increase to 80% by 2020.
  • 55% of videos are only under 5 minutes in duration of total consumption by the smartphone user. 
  • 5X as many consumers would prefer videos over text and images.
  • 3X facebook users have started watching a live video rather than watc...
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Tyre-Designing is a complex art. Learn. How To design a Tyre-tread from Indag Rubber

Shaping a tyre-tread is endeavour in balance between engineering and appearance. In brief, a tyre must be "gripping and beautiful" The shape cannot be just visually attractive because more importantly it must provide the most grip and operating constancy on the road as intended in des...

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How walk-through animation creates astonishing visual for construction companies?

Walkthrough Animation is commonly used by architects, construction companies or builders, 3D Animation Walkthrough are instrumental in presenting your complete building designs or layouts to planning commission. 3D Walkthroughs are part of 3D services, which simulate an 3D rendering, adding momentum...

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