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01.08.19 07:31 PM By Studio Image Works

A few facts based on our observation 

In today’s digital age powerful software allows us to create professional video productions. This software has facilitated creativity and innovation. With the help of social media networks such as YouTube it is now possible for anyone to become a director, producer and a broadcaster. In many instances, the work of an amateur gets more views than work created by a professional TV network or a film studio. Why? - Because the work is innovative.

In the professional realms of TV production and the cine industry, particularly those with shoestring budgets, creativity is the first casualty. This is because executives lack the ability to create an atmosphere for the rise of new and young producers and directors with innovative ideas. They tend to analyze productions through the lens of what they’ve learned along the years of work. The approval or rejection of any production is completely based on such a mindset. In many cases, these technical rules are mixed with the personal opinions of that manager.

In order to keep their jobs young producers have no other choice but to limit themselves to the work that is asked from them.
The negative impact of this issue is that everyone is working with a single mindset. Another negative impact is that individuals lose their motivation and simply become “implementers”. As a result, any drive for ambition or improvement in their work just dries out.

Many technical issues that are dictated by the production manager are correct and are written in production books. Then why is this process leading to opposite results?
In my opinion, one must respect different opinions and no two people are alike. We must come to this understanding that today’s world is incomparable to even the world that I grew up in and received my education. Today’s world is based on diverse ideas and not just technical rules.

Innovation vs Technology balance between both. There must be a balance between rules and creativity.

A few tips in this regard:

1. Instead of rejecting a production, set forth the mistakes of that production and allow individuals to be creative in their line of work.
2. The era of single-person evaluations is over. A production must be evaluated by a team. It might be good to set up a team to carry out this task. You don’t need to dig too deep; rather you can set up a network in your own work area.
3. Don’t lay out tough rules for all productions, instead set specific rules in case by case productions. By doing so you will create an atmosphere where individuals can create their own productions and you will give them motivation to improve.
4. Before any production, sit down with the producers and place forward your points and guidelines. Then, allow them to do their job. This means that you shouldn’t interfere in their work until the job is done.
5. On a weekly basis, sit down with all of your producers and share work experiences. Allow everyone to express their creative ideas and have others use them in their own work.
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