Why testimonial videos are important for the company?

31.07.19 08:16 PM By Studio Image Works

Few Facts on Video Marketing

  • Global internet traffic from the video will increase to 80% by 2020.
  • 55% of videos are only under 5 minutes in duration of total consumption by the smartphone user. 
  • 5X as many consumers would prefer videos over text and images.
  • 3X facebook users have started watching a live video rather than watching a traditional video.
  • the average user spends more time on the website with video.

In this digital era, when everyone has internet access for sharing their experience, ideas and information, reviews have become an essential element of digital brand building for businesses. Mostly people decide their selection after searching for the business on search engines and evaluating reviews left by the previous customer. We should also understand the fact that around 90% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. They go and check reviews, their primary purpose being to check what others have shared about the business. Moreover, 90% of the visitors buying decisions are influenced by reviews. 

This important data shows how these online reviews create a huge impact on your sales, brand value and reputation. Therefore, it is essential to consider online reviews and positive testimonials for brand building and customer loyalty. Now, trending methods on video testimonials have a higher chance of winning new consumers rather than businesses with no video presence. 

5 important reasons to use video testimonials. 

1) Video Increases online shares. 

Online visitors are more inclined to sharing video online. They are quick and concise which creates better share-worthiness. According to data provided by research, video generates 1200 % more online shares than text and pictures combined. This figure underscores the relevance of video testimonials. 

Everyone we know probably has a Facebook and YouTube account. They are sharing video over different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Hence, video testimonials have a great way to express themselves, which is why many companies find them worthy and relevant. 

2) Video Testimonials has a higher conversion rate

Due to the high internet bandwidth, we have seen a drastic change in the last ten year, where people have begun switching from blogs to vlogs. Videos thus are more popular than text-based articles and pictures. As video expresses things in a more concise and clear manner, research has proved that testimonial videos have a higher conversion rate in sales. It is therefore, more convincing when people use services and share their experiences about them that are relevant to the viewer's own understanding.

3) Testimonials are an important content marketing tool

If you are planning to accelerate your digital marketing efforts, video testimonials should be your new priority this year. High speed internet connection has created a high volume of data consumption. When Jio launched in India, people started moving towards video content and displayed their preference for video content over articles and pictures. So if you haven't invested in video, this is the time to move towards video testimonials, or you'll risk losing your clients to your competitors who are already ahead in the business.

4) Vlogs are more stimulating than blogs

People prefer watching a video to learn about a business, rather than doing a scroll through an article. This is because Video is more stimulating and directly communicates messages even without a voiceover, which heavily influences the user's perception regarding any business. So if you really want to improve your online marketing strategy and sales conversion, start producing video testimonials which will surely enhance the credibility of your business.